Enjoy Birds, Blooms & Butterflies
We ask that you remain on the garden paths, but when time is available, Maxine enjoys talking flowers and sharing seeds and cuttings with our guests
Please enjoy the garden, there are always changes as we pass through the different seasons of the year
picture of lamp with morning glory flowers picture of the garden path picture of our garden gazebo picture of our sign and yellow daisys
Morning Glory Lamp Down The Front Walkway Our Garden Gazebo Our Sign And Yellow Daisys
picture of hibiscum in bloom picture of phlox in bloom picture of our sign and sunflowers picture of sedum blooming
Hibiscum In Bloom Phlox In Bloom With Barn Our Sign And Sunflowers Sedum Blooming
picture of plow and birdfeeder picture of deck and outdoor grill picture of hayrake, cutter and barn picture of jim&##39;s 1948 packard
 Birdfeeder & Sunflower Deck And Outdoor Grill Hayrake, Cutter And Barn Jim's 1948 Packard